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Adriane Herman

Featured in Considerable Thinking April 2009

Artist Statement

Studying other people’s “to do” lists allows me to trace the seemingly alchemical trajectory from intention to action. I grow increasingly receptive to mentorship from known and anonymous sources through a conduit of found and sometimes gifted scraps of paper. Currently, I monumentalize selections from my ever-expanding collection of ephemera to re-present evidence of human commitments, tastes, priorities, accomplishments, and procrastinations. I hope to bring to these intimate yet anonymous details about people’s lives the kinds of intensive attention paid to objects in environments that imply their contents have cultural value.

In addition to highlighting the mundane and attempting to fix the fleeting, these recent relief and silkscreen prints draw upon “sticky” notes as their source material. These documents were chosen not only for their common format but also their content – all invoke situations that are in some way or another “sticky.” Some lists invoke literal stickiness while being emotionally benign (“maple syrup, water”), while another reminds its writer to “call I.R.S.” (That can’t be good.) Another note, which I found at a South Portland, Maine veterinary office, shows a crude drawing of a dog or cat sporting an ominous y-shaped sutured gash or incision. Collectively “sticky” and individually stuck to the wall in an unframed salon style, these enlarged versions of jottings ranging from urgent (“TAMPONS”) to light-hearted (“Cake in Fridge – Enjoy!”) reflect how some contemporary humans are spending the most essential thing we have – our time.

Adriane Herman
February, 2009


Adriane Herman holds an M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Recent solo exhibitions include Human Doings at Western Exhibitions in Chicago in 2009, Suburban: Wichita Division at the Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University in 2008, and Checking It Twice at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Maine in 2007. She has been included in recent exhibitions at the Portland Museum of Art, the International Print Center New York, the Institute of Contemporary of Art in Portland, Maine.

More information at www.adrianeherman.com






<i>Sticky Situations</i>, installation of various woodblock prints with screenprinting
Sticky Situations, installation of various woodblock prints with screenprinting

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