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Diana Cherbuliez

Featured in Stratum May 2009 and in Tiny November 2007.

Diana Cherbuliezís sculptures embody interim, the in-between states and places that invite the mind to wander. Ambiguous times, like the drift between consciousness and sleep, and structures of transition, like ladders and bridges, are intensely crafted with salvaged building materials and detritus from her life. The subjects and mediums are intrinsically entwined; a carved burnt bridge of apple wood, with its associations of the development of self-knowledge, spans a topography of layered mirror, a material that compel us to straddle our history and sense of self, offering both physical and intellectual reflection. The mutable landscape of memory is captured in poignant and humorous scenarios that evoke the complexities of regret, desire, reflection, and pursuit.

Diana Cherbuliez is an artist based in Vinalhaven, ME. Cherbuliez was selected twice to exhibit in the Maine Biennial at the Portland Museum of Art. She has also exhibited in prestigious venues such as The Center for Maine Contemporary Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, the June Fitzpatrick Gallery, the University of New England, and at Clark University. She is also a frequent panelist on Maine contemporary art and art practices at major Maine art institutions.


Diana Cherbuliez, <i>Hell Gate</i>, burned apple wood, mirror, birch plywood, 15
Diana Cherbuliez, Hell Gate, burned apple wood, mirror, birch plywood, 15" tall x 18 1/2" x 9"



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