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Irene Stapleford at Walker Terrace

Irene Stapleford uses the bright world of nursery rhymes, bringing childhood imagination into the everyday realm. In glowing colors and swishy, joyful strokes she paints the relationships between things—a humpty-dumpty and some artichokes, a dress and a pair of shoes, or a cat and its distant object of fascination. Revolving in a colorful, airy world these subjects are both gentle and everyday but definitely enchanted.

Irene is a mother of two and is highly influenced by the stories and rhymes that children are raised on. Although Stapleford transcends naivete by rediscovering these worlds with an adult eye, she is blessed with the same observant qualities and easily delighted nature that usually evaporates with so-called "maturity".

Walker Terrace is a "window gallery" which features installations on a rotating schedule. It is located on Congress Street near the Maine Medical Center.


Irene Stapleford, <i>Brown Bud, Red Boots</i>, acrylic
Irene Stapleford, Brown Bud, Red Boots, acrylic

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