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Patricia Brace

Featured in Wonderland March 2009.

"My work aims for an interruption, a break within patterns of behavior. Through repetition Iím attempting to show the influence of conditioning, routine, and environment. These patterns are vehicles to access, question, and affect cyclical actions in order to peer through the common condition to its transcendent moments."

From garments to quilts, fabric has an intimate relationship with our body, its patterns are the routine within daily life and lifeís residue is collected in its weave. This residue is both abject and beautiful, a collection of our reflexive and chosen actions that recounts our memories, fantasies, and desires. Through this, the fabric is an artifact of experience and a means for connection. Cloth marks the important points in time, births, marriage, and death, as well as all the moments in between. I see quilts and garments as a chart for life lived and life left to live."

2006 BFA from Maine College of Art
2008 Good Idea Grant Recipient, Maine Arts Commission




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