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Project 00018: What is "Debate" in French? and The Portland Paper Project


January, 2009: Project 00018: What is “Debate” in French?
A new exhibit and performance series by Maine's conceptual artist, christophermichaelsullivan,
at Whitney Art Works, opening January 2 for First Friday.

The CMS debates: Losing twice but always winning!

A painter, a musician, and a writer walk into a bar. Two have mustaches in their pictures, but not here. They all say Duchamp, then Rauschenberg, Bowie, and Vicious. One says Hemingway, then Voltaire; another, Koons, then Roth. No one hears what the third one says, but he crosses his arms. Twice. Then says nothing.
The writer says it's already been done; the painter says he'll do it better; the musician nods: it will be done right enough. Then, the chorus: CMS will do new and do new best.
What happens when a painter, a musician, and a writer run a business and produce fine art?
“Who is christophermichaelsullivan?”
Does he hire artists at his studio?
Join christophermichaelsullivan in January for Project 00018: What is “Debate” in French?, where CMS debates itself and lays bare all the answers to your questions.

The CMS gallery exhibit of printed works opens on Friday, January 2. The gallery will be open during regular hours on January 2 and 3, and 7 through 10.
The CMS debate opens on Friday, January 9, at 6 p.m. Each debate segment will be led by a guest moderator and last half an hour.

Friday, January 9, at 6 p.m.:
Resolved: CMS is all business
(Doing it Lincoln-Douglas and challenging Booth to a duel)

Friday, January 16, at 6 p.m:
Contemporary Western Diets in Performance and Conceptual Art
(This is not an argument)

Friday, January 23, at 6 p.m:
A town hall approach to perception and the creation of meaning
(Recipe for injury)

Project 00018: What is “Debate” in French? For those who still just don't get it.

CMS is Maine's conceptual artist and Portland's only art firm. It has exhibited around the state. The firm was founded in 2005. It continues to grow in size, value, and international recognition.

For more information, visit www.christophermichaelsullivan.com

To view an article on the exhibition visit: Artlurker: Contemporary Art Newsletter

The Portland Paper Project

This January at Whitney Art Works, an exhibition of selected works from the Portland Paper Project will be on view in the viewing room.

The Portland Paper Project is an ongoing collection of works on paper stored in the flat files at Whitney Art Works. The works are available for viewing and purchase by the general public. Through the inclusion of drawings, prints, collage and photography, the goal of the Portland Paper Project is to make works on paper more accessible to artists, curators, collectors and the public.

The participating Artists in the Portland Paper Project are: Judith Allen, Jeff Badger, Melinda Barnes, Lucinda Bliss, Veronica Cross, Robert Diamante, Rebecca FitzPatrick, Taylor Franklin, Margery Gosnell, Richard Keen, Anne Krinsky, Tanja Kunz, K.Min, Bennett Morris, Peter Precourt, Wendy Prellwitz, Deborah Randall, Justin Richel, Aaron T Stephan, Christopher Michael Sullivan, Michael Torlen, Ling-Wen Tsai, Dan Welden, and Henry Wolyniec.

To view works included in the Portland Paper Project please visit www.whitneyartworks.com




<b>Justin Richel</b>, <i>Bananalabra</i>, gouache on paper
Justin Richel, Bananalabra, gouache on paper

<b>K.Min</b>, <i>Foggy December</i>, pastel on paper
K.Min, Foggy December, pastel on paper

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