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Tim Clorius

Featured in Considerable Thinking April 2009.
Also included in Tiny November 2007

"Generally my paintings depict staged scenarios reminiscent of theatrical sets. Oftentimes I include the stage curtains or some other type of framework into the scene, using it as a prop to remind the viewer that he/she is looking at a purposefully "constructed" reality. A moment frozen in time, a "fruitful", important moment that carries within it the tension of the mysteries of the paintings internal past and the potentials of it's future narrative. Every painting has a very specific narrative or message. Often the title of the work serves as an integral part of it, yet I purposefully "chase" a certain archetypal image that almost everybody in the western world would have some associations, memories or relation to. All the different elements in my work, the landscapes, figures, animals, architecture and still lives have been well explored in the history of art, yet I am interested in illuminating, for the viewer as well as for myself, the art historical past through a contemporary perspective.
In this show I specifically explore the visual language of 18th and early 19th century British painting, from the small scale "multi figured" scenarios of a genre known in historic British art as the "conversation piece" to George Stubbs's hunting and horse depictions. Infiltrating these somewhat ridged formal structures inherent to historical painting with a surrealist perspective and a compositional structure that is reminiscent of minimalism I feel I can explore the ideas and techniques of the masters of the past, yet express, in terms of content, what is relevant to me as an artist today."

More information at www.timclorius.com


Tim Clorius, <i>Riding the Fence</i>, 2008, oil on linen
Tim Clorius, Riding the Fence, 2008, oil on linen

Tim Clorius, <i>Wolfram G. Heim - Boy with Carp</i>, 2008, oil on linen
Tim Clorius, Wolfram G. Heim - Boy with Carp, 2008, oil on linen

Tim Clorius, <i>Horsing Around B</i>, 2008, oil on linen
Tim Clorius, Horsing Around B, 2008, oil on linen

Tim Clorius, <i>Robbing the Land</i>, 2008, oil on linen
Tim Clorius, Robbing the Land, 2008, oil on linen

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