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The New Recyclists

The New Recyclists

Opening October 3 and continues though November 1, 2008

Crystal Cawley, Pam Brown, Dan Dowd, and Rose Marasco

Placed within the context of the circular, this thoughtful group of contemporary artists each explores recycling of not only materials but of that of personal experience, progress and re-visitation, and pure appreciation of history.

“In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy”. – John Sawhill

Crystal Cawley’s re-definition of the written word is the underlying theme in most of her work. The poetic elements of her 2-dimensional work convey a delicacy and adoration of books that results in celebratory reliquaries of words. Literally woven, bundled and sewn, these works are miniature temples of thought.

Sculptor Pam Brown produces objects of historical reference with both a feminine and industrial twist. Using sheet metal, feathers, grommets, and wood, these whimsical sculptures appear to have origins of a utilitarian nature, but, are in actuality made from “scratch”.

Dan Dowd is a rescuer of objects. The resulting assemblages are witty, logical and have a visual presence of the short story. Tubs become vessels of presentation, dolls (and their parts) are given a new task, wires, baubles and bulbs are formal ornamentation of pride of their history.

Rose Marasco’s photographs also celebrate the cycle of objects. With self-imposed criteria, the circles of these photographs reference an existing body of work as it evolves into a new formulation of thought thereby re-cycling not only the objects within the frame, but, also the creative process from which they originated.

Crystal Cawley and Rose Marasco hail from Portland, Dan Dowd is from Phippsburg, ME and Pam Brown is a resident of Long Island, New York. This exhibit brings four very special artists together to define the notion of “re-cycle” with a complexity that results in a provocative and intelligent re-view of the objects that surround us all.

“Each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle.” -- Marcus Aurelius


Crystal Cawley, <i>Breastplate</i>, Mixed Media
Crystal Cawley, Breastplate, Mixed Media

Dan Dowd, <i>Galvanized</i>, Mixed Media
Dan Dowd, Galvanized, Mixed Media

Rose Marasco, <i>Circle # 1</i>, Mixed Media
Rose Marasco, Circle # 1, Mixed Media

Pam Brown, <i>Black and White</i>, Mixed Media
Pam Brown, Black and White, Mixed Media

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