Encore! Blue Hammer!



BLUE HAMMER: A Trans-Historical-Post-Colonial-Dinner-Theatre-Burlesque:

This performance project unfolds in a late-night cable television studio, between two live broadcasts: a cooking show, HOT POT, and BLUE HAMMER, presented by a host who professes to have toured Africa during the Mau-Mau uprising in Kenya and the Belgian occupation of the Congo. His name is Vin Pays and he believes there is a vivid connection between the Jacobean play he performed, The White Devil, and colonial Africa. A guest joins him, the former leading-lady of the African tour [and of Hammer Horror films] named Tabula Rasa, who appears only to disrupt and dispel, an angel of death whose memories of Africa are harder to maintain than Vin's nostalgia. We feature three live video feeds, including GPS analysis, a prototype portable kitchen, and custom porcelain bowls.

Tickets are $50, pay up front. The performance will begin at 6 pm. Contact Whitney Art Works at 780-0700 to reserve.

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