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Shot CMS

Why would you shoot a bullet through 22 identical prints of yourself? To make them each original, of course.

Project 00011 consists of 22, 18" x 18" targets baring the face of CMS proprietor Derek Lobley. Each print features etchings of the unique scoring and pricing tables used for the project. CMS proprietor Chris Sullivan shot each print with a .223 caliber rifle and the location of each shot has determined the price of each print, as per the scoring and pricing table.

The Whitney Art Works gallery at 492 Congress will be open for extended hours during this special project: Monday, January 21st through Saturday, January 26th from 12-6. There will be a reception on Friday, January 25th from 5-8pm, which will include an artist talk by christophermichaelsullivan at 7pm. The prints will be for sale by the gallery starting January 21st. Each print is priced, numbered, timed, dated, and signed by the shooter with prices ranging from $4 to $12,455.

For more information on this project visit www.christophermichaelsullivan.com.




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