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This spring the Whitney Art Works window at Walker Terrace features a new installation by Portland artist Rebecca FitzPatrick.

Rebecca FitzPatrick is a collage artist who uses vintage mid-century print material as her primary medium. Drawing from a material that is the product of consumer communication, she transforms the mundane stock of magazines into artworks which explore the rich messages of global mythology.

FitzPatrick has recently taken her love of photography and working with paper from the two dimensional picture plane to the larger arena of sculptural installation. “Sequence” is the newest piece in a body of work that combines photography and three dimensional collage to explore human relationships and systems of connection.

For more images and information, visit
the artist's page
at studiobuilding.com.


Rebecca FitzPatrick, <i>Sequence</i> (installation view), collage, 2008
Rebecca FitzPatrick, Sequence (installation view), collage, 2008

Rebecca FitzPatrick, <i>Sequence</i> (detail), collage, 2008
Rebecca FitzPatrick, Sequence (detail), collage, 2008

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