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Whistlejacket II at Walker Terrace

Currently at view in the window of Walker Terrace is an installation by Tim Clorius titled Whistlejacket II.

Tim Clorius


Presently my painting process is influenced by my interest in 18th and 19th century English painting; particularly George Stubbs has left me deeply impressed. The craftsmanship and painterly facility that went into his work is amazing. The emphasis of a painting as a one of a kind, beautiful, even “magical” hand crafted object that holds within it a story, like a safe does valuables, fascinates me.
This painting of a horse is part of a larger series on horses that can generally be seen as self portraits, each horse portraying a different personality trait. In terms of formal appearance I see them as contemporary plays on George Stubbs's paintings, especially his most famous work “Whistlejacket”, which broke with convention for having a plain background. Placing this type of traditional subject matter into the present tense by using one of the most contemporary mediums, spray paint, grants me some personally interesting explorations into the different ways I can integrate and express my love for traditional painting, as well as contemporary abstraction and aerosol art within the same work. It also allows me, similar to Stubbs's "Whistlejacket", to break with current conventions about our expectations regarding graffiti art.
Tim Clorius

1976 born in Heidelberg, Germany
1995 graduated from Kurfuerst Friedrich Gymnasium Heidelberg, Germany


2002 Bachelor of Fine Arts/with Honors, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine
(Teachers: Sean Foley, Gail Spain, Honor Mack, Ellen Lesperance)
1998-2000 School of Visual Arts, New York, New York
(Teachers: Michael Goldberg, Bob Stanley, Lydia Dona, Toby Kahn)


2008 Nominated for Portlands Best Graffitti/Street/ Performance Artist by
The Portland Phoenix, Portland, Maine
2008 Maine State Champion in snow-sculpting, sponsored by LL Bean, will
represent Maine in the 2009 Nationals in Wisconsin.
2006 Principal Artist for the Artists in Maine Communities Grant from the
Maine Arts Commission though the National Endowment for the Arts
entitled S.U.B.O.N.E: An Urban Mural Project.
2005 Rebel Blend Fund, Good Idea Grant, Coffee by Design, Portland, Maine
2003 Voted one of the most influential people under 35 in Portland as a graffiti
Artist and Painter, the Portland Phoenix, Maine
2000-2002 Maine College of Art Talent Award, Maine College of Art, Portland
2001 Millard C. Webber Jr. Award, Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine

solo shows:

2007 “Vicious Cycles”, Sanctuary Tattoo and Art Gallery, Portland, Maine
2006 “Subscript”, Sanctuary Tattoo and Art Gallery, Portland, Maine
2005 “New Paintings”, Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine
2005 “Black, Yellow, White”, Rivet Studios, Portland, Maine
2004 University of New England, Biddeford, Maine
2003 “Sublime Urban Beauty”, Gallery 73, Portland, Maine

selected Group shows:

2008 “National Small Oil Painting Exhibition 2008”, Wichita Center for the
Arts, Wichita, Kansas
2008 “Summer Salon”, Filament Gallery, Portland, Maine
2008 “Exactly Different”, Saco Museum, Saco, Maine
2008 “Stew’n Crew”,E2A Mural at Space Gallery, Portland, Maine
2007 “Tiny”, curated by Bruce Brown, Whitney Art Works, Portland, Maine
2007 31St Annual MECA Art Auction, Featured item in the live auction,
Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine
2007 “Body Parts” Center for Maine Contemporary Art, June Fiztpatrick
Gallery, Portland, Maine
2006 Red Bull Writersblock, invitational graffiti show, Birmingham, Alabama
2005 “Hired Gun for the Hanging Judge” (two person show with Justin Richel),
Sanctuary Tattoo and Art Gallery, Portland, Maine
2005 Twenty/20, Graffiti writers of the North East, Space Gallery, Portland
2005 included in the “Fly Project”, “The Sportsmen’s Redux”, Institute of
Contemporary Art, Portland, Maine
2003 “New Talent”, Hay gallery, Portland, Maine
2003 “The Urban Show”, Hay Gallery, Portland, Maine
2003 “Plow”, SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine
2003 “Mixed Greens”, SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine


Whistlejacket II
Whistlejacket II

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