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Blackwork Lovers

Currently at view in the window of Walker Terrace is an installation by Martha Miller titled Blackwork Lovers.

This piece speaks of a Utopian balancing of anima and animus in the individual psyche, in relationships, and in the outer world. It also tells of a joyful and spiritual connection to nature: Adam and Eve get to stay in The Garden post-apple, minus the shame. While working on this diptych Miller was inspired by illuminated medieval manuscripts, the Bible, Mexican Retablos, the linoleum prints of Kiki Smith and Pablo Picasso, blackwork embroidery, books about birds and flowers, and her dreams.

Martha Miller's lifelong love of the figure informs her work in print, pastel, charcoal, and mixed media. She holds a degree in Printmaking from MECA and is an instructor in MECA's Continuing Studies program. Miller's work is in numerous collections including the California Palace of the Legion of Homor Fine Arts Museum, SAn Francisco, CA.


Blackwork Lovers, 2008
handpulled linoleum block prints with printed relief frames made from recycled cardboard, duct tape, clothesline rope, acrylics and glitter
The diptych measures approx 5' x 10'
Print size 3' x 3' each




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