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2009 Exhibition Schedule

December 31st - January 31st
Opening reception January 2nd
Project 00018: What is "Debate" in French? and The Portland Paper Project
christophermichaelsullivan | www.christophermichaelsullivan.com
Portland Paper Project | www.whitneyartworks.com/ppp

February 4th - February 28th
Opening reception February 6th
The Funnies

March 4th - March 28th
Opening reception March 6th
Patricia Brace |
Lucinda Bliss | www.lucindabliss.com
Lydia Badger | www.whitneyartworks.com/lydiabadger

April 1st - April 25th
Opening reception April 3rd
Melinda Barnes | www.melindabarnes.typepad.com
Tim Clorius | www.timclorius.com
Adriane Herman | www.adrianeherman.com

April 30th - May 2nd
BLUE HAMMER: A Trans-Historical-Burlesque Dinner Theater
Performance by Leon Johnson | www.leonjohnson.org

May 6th - May 30th
Opening reception May 8th
Mike McFalls | www.roberts-mcfalls.com
Diana Cherbuliez | www.dianacherbuliez.com
Jaime Gili | www.jaimegili.org
Molly Levine |
Elianna Mesaikos |

June 3rd - June 27th
Opening reception June 5th
Aaron T. Stephan | www.aarontstephan.com

July 1st - August 1st
Opening reception July 3rd
Ling-Wen Tsai | www.lingwentsai.com
Roy Dawes | www.roydawes.com
Mark Wethli | www.markwethli.typepad.com

August 5th - August 29th
Opening reception August 7th
Rebecca FitzPatrick | www.rebeccafitzpatrick.com
Owen Smith |

September 2nd - September 26th
Opening Reception September 4th
Eirene Efstathiou | www.allenefstathiou.com
Bennett Morris | www.bennettmorris.com

September 30th - October 31st
Opening reception October 2nd
Allison Cooke Brown | www.allisoncookebrown.com
Sage Lewis | www.sagelewis.net
Zoe Sheehan Saldana | www.zoesheehan.com
Alex Sax | www.alexandrasax.com

November 4th - November 28th
Opening reception November 6th
Fresh Paint
Richard Keen | www.richardkeenstudio.com
Richard Garrigus |
Tanja Kunz |
Deborah Randall | www.deborahrandall.com
MR Hedstrom | www.mrhedstrom.com
Patrick O'Rorke | Patrick O'Rorke


<b>Lucinda Bliss</b>, <i>Bandaged I</i>, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper
Lucinda Bliss, Bandaged I, watercolor, gouache, and graphite on paper

<b>Mike McFalls</b>, <i>Geoform 5 (A patch of synthetic enlightenment)</i>, mixed media
Mike McFalls, Geoform 5 (A patch of synthetic enlightenment), mixed media

<b>Allison Cooke Brown</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, embroidery on napkin
Allison Cooke Brown, Untitled, embroidery on napkin

<b>Deborah Randall</b>, <i>If You Had a Tail</i>, ink and casein on paper
Deborah Randall, If You Had a Tail, ink and casein on paper

<b>Ling- Wen Tsai</b>, <i>Untitled</i>, Acrylic on paper
Ling- Wen Tsai, Untitled, Acrylic on paper

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